Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Original Art Commissions

I am now taking commissions for original art pieces. This includes head and shoulders, full figures, both with or without backgrounds. Cover recreations and cover-like drawings. My characters and characters other than my own, also friends or family members. Prices vary depending on the amount of work I'll be putting into it.

Basic pricing:
Head and shoulders, penciled $ 50, with background $70
Head and shoulders, inked $75, with inked background $90
each additional head added to drawing is $20 extra

Single full figure, penciled $80, with background $100
Single full figure, inked $125, with background $150
each additional full figure added to drawing is $40 extra

Recreation of covers and cover-like drawings start at $500 and go up depending on amount of work needed. No lettering.

Shipping is $15 domestic and $30 international (per order, not per piece)

All artwork is copyrighted by me. Commissions cannot be reproduced or used in any way commercially.

If interested, contact me at : gbetoh1@gmail.com   Paypal payment preferred