Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hi, folks! I've come across a stash of original 1981 self-published B&W Love and Rockets #1! I'm selling them for $200 each and included is a new inked and signed drawing of Luba! If you're interested, get 'em while they're hot as they are sure to go fast! Postage in the US is $15 and outside the US postage is $40.

At this time I'm only doing commissions of full figure inked Palomar characters with complete Palomar background. A single figure drawing is $ 175 and additional figures are $40 each. Postage is still $15 US and $40 outside of the US.

If you're interested in ordering, write to me at And don't forget the "1" in the email address. Payment can be made through Paypal at the gmail address.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.



  1. I still have mine but accidentally defaced the cover with an exacto knife working on an art project at Ventura College. Considering my finances right now...

  2. I'm down to buy a copy, please send details!

  3. I'd love a copy, just let me know when to send payment.